An Exhibition of Paintings by Frances & Keith Langlois

6th Sep - 30th Sep
11am - 5pm

Double Feature at the Coach House Gallery

Keith Langlois:

"Cats, dogs and a few other old friends might describe the subject matter of this collection of work. My ambition to devote my time exclusively to painting on reaching the age of 65 has eluded me so far but I'm working at it and have here a collection of oils and watercolours on show created in the last few months."

Frances Lemmon:

The paintings in this exhibition are recent acrylic and oil studies as well as a couple of paintings finished as a result of her visit to Costa Rica following the route Guernsey man William Le Lacheur made in the 19th century. William Le Lacheur is famous for his import of coffee to London as well as the great philanthropic work he carried out in that country.

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