Extraordinary Adventures: An Exhibition of Illustrations by Šárka Lee

1st Aug - 25th Aug
10am - 4pm

Extraordinary Adventures by Šárka Lee

Šárka Lee is an artist, writer and illustrator who works as an Art teacher at Elizabeth College. She has published a popular children's book The Princess who would Not Brush Her Hair and is now bringing us two exciting new books. Both with her charming illustrations, unique style, and a cheeky sense of humour. The originals of the illustrations and the books will be available in this exhibition.

The first book, The Kingdom of Deep Sleep, explores the Spirit World and brings useful guidance for our everyday life. The story was provided by an author and spiritual astrologer, Sharon Ward. It is a tale of a little boy whose Grandma died, but one night she visits to take him on an enchanted tour of the otherwise invisible world. The book explores questions for bereaved children that adults often find difficult to answer.

The second book, The Bear Truth about Goldilocks, is a story of love and friendship of antagonistic groups - humans and bears. It promotes an open mind and tolerance. Both children and adults will find it easy to relate to the characters of this familiar tale with an unexpected ending.

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