Summer Art Clubs 2021

6th August

Summer Art Workshops 2021

Each workshop runs 9.30-12.00 with option of arranging later pick-up if so desired.

Each workshop costs £26 and can be booked as single sessions.

2/8/21: PRINT-MAKING: using seaweed and found objects to make beautiful underwater world artwork, using styrofoam and monoprinting techniques.
3/8/21: MOSAIC PLATES: using shells, sea-glass and broken pieces of plates to make a small decorative plate.
4/8/21: MINATURE WIND KITES: using mixed media these underwater fish will ‘swim’ in the breeze
5/8/21: WATERCOLOUR PAINTING: using glorious translucent watercolour to mimic water effects within this piece of wall art.
6/8/21: SEAHORSE SCULPTURES: using willow, thread, wool, string and ribbon to make a gorgeous wall mounted piece of art


16/8/21: SAND CLAY MODELS: gloriously versatile sand clay behaves like normal clay but also has a unique texture, ideal for sculpting with.
17/8/21: ACRYLIC FISH: bright, beautiful wall art to take home and frame, using lots of different techniques with this versatile paint medium.
18/8/21: PASTEL DRAWING: inventing your own world of seashore/seascape with lots of different techniques.
19/8/21: PAPER MOSAIC: using hand painted foam marbelled paper and traditional marbelled paper to create beautiful wall art (very messy!)
20/8/21: SEAGULL SCULPTURES: using mixed media we will create a table standing 3d form.


23/8/21: BEACH GLASS WALL ART: using found objects we will construct wall art within a hand decorated frame.
24/8/21: MIXED MEDIA ART: create a fantasy landscape to hang on your wall using all sorts of media and fun techniques
25/8/21: BASKETMAKING: using thin rope and lace to make a miniature basket for beach goodies
26/8/21: OIL PAINTING: have a go at oil painting, we will be working on a painting of dolphins, or choose your favourite sea study (old clothes needed)
27/8/21: TREASURE BOXES: using mixed media we will create boxes with secret opening

Because numbers are limited in each workshop early booking is advisable, see email below to book your space now.

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