2024 Bailiwick Wildlife Photography Exhibition

11th March
Guernsey Arts are proud to present the 2024 Bailiwick Wildlife Photography exhibition, supported this year by Guernsey Electricity’s Power to the People Fund. Now in its third year, Guernsey Arts asked local wildlife photographers to submit their most dynamic images of Bailiwick wildlife, this year we were once again amazed by the extraordinary snapshots of the wildlife found in the Bailiwick.
Each year, a Guest Judge is chosen with a category specialisation - this year we will be causing a buzz with the intricate insect macro photography of Barry Wells. Barry showcases the natural beauty of Guernsey through his photography, in the hope that there will be a greater appreciation of the Island’s biodiversity and the urgent need to protect local wildlife and their habitats. Barry Wells is co-founder and honorary President of The Pollinator Project, having co-founded the project in 2017 with Vanessa Crispini-Adams.
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  • E: museums@gov.gg
  • Candie Museum Candie Road Guernsey GY1 1UG

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