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Guernsey Arts (GAC) was launched in 2008 with the intention of providing a strong, identifiable voice in the community, raising public awareness and promoting the value, relevance and importance of the arts.

Fund Raising

The Arts Foundation Guernsey...raising funds for the ARTS in GUERNSEY

The Arts Foundation Guernsey is the fund raising arm of Guernsey Arts and aims to involve the community in strengthening the support and development of the arts in Guernsey.  It seeks to do this by helping to put the arts on a solid financial footing so that they may continue to play a major role in the life and wellbeing of islanders - find out more.

Arts Foundation Guernsey Events

Arts Foundation Guernsey is the fundraising arm of Guernsey Arts - Supporting, Promoting & Inspiring Art and Culture in Guernsey. 

Arts Foundation Guernsey acts as an autonomous fundraising organisation alongside Guernsey Arts to support local artists in all sectors and to enable a wider presence of the arts across the Bailiwick of Guernsey. We often focus on less traditional funding requirements that are not able to access the funding from the States of Guernsey allocated by Guernsey Arts. To this end we enable emerging talent across the spectrum of the arts including Performing and Visual Arts, Music, Literature, New Media, Film and Design. 

Our Vision & Values

Guernsey Arts aim is for the Bailiwick of Guernsey to be seen as a unique, vibrant, artistic and creative community both within the Islands and beyond.

We Support individuals and groups in all art forms to develop their art and to build an audience. Depending upon needs we offer publicity on our website, exhibition space and opportunity for financial support, including the allocation of States funding for the arts. We also encourage and facilitate cooperation within the arts scene in Guernsey.

We Promote creativity and arts to all communities in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and to those beyond. We are inclusive and engage actively with individuals, groups, schools and societies. We also work with individuals, businesses, trusts and States bodies in order to increase funding, resources and facilities for the arts in the Bailiwick.

We Inspire creative and artistic activities across the Bailwick by creating and promoting new artistic ventures and by encouraging existing events and organisations to develop further. As part of this we encourage existing festivals and events and will seed ideas and funding for new festivals and events in order to enrich the cultural landscape of the Bailiwick.  


Our Team

Hello from Russ, Monika, Jade, Lucy and Tony. We are based at Candie museum and art gallery and are always happy to talk with you on anything to do with the Arts. Whether you are looking for a contact, help with a funding application or perhaps you have an event you would like added to the calendar or your artists profile added to our website.

Board and Committee Members

We would liike to introduce you to our directors and committee members who generously donate their time, knowledge, skills and passion in enabling Guernsey Arts to achieve it`s aims.

  • Stephen Ainsworth

    Chairs Guernsey Arts and is an actuary and pension trustee.  He is a keen supporter of all genres of music and the arts.

  • Connie Helyar

    Director: Connie Helyar Connie has been is a Director of Guernsey Arts and a Councillor for the AFG.

  • Angie Tolcher

    Director: Angie has been involved in education since qualifying as a primary school teacher in 1986.

  • Melissa Mourton

    Committee Member and Advisor. Melissa is an advisor on the GA and AFG boards and sits on the Funding Sub Committee. 

  • Mary Carey

    Director. Teacher, Loves drama, literature, music , Shakespeare, thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries.  

  • Tevor Wakefield

    Director. Trevor enjoys all aspects of the arts but has a special interest in theatre, having written several plays and pantomimes. 

  • Tom Langford

    Director. Working in the creative industry his whole career and loves getting involved in projects which progress the arts and the island. 

  • Alan West

    Alan conducts Guernsey Concert Brass and performs with various other ensembles. Alan chairs our Funding Sub-Committee.

  • Patrick Earle

    Director. Patrick is portrait and abstract painter as well as an entrepreneur.

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