Guernsey Arts is immensely proud to have led on several Cultural initiatives to run alongside Guernsey 2023.

Through three projects we reached out to all the competing Islands to engage with art organisations, artists, schoolchildren, and the wider communities, our aim not only to build a programme of initiatives for the games, but to build deeper relationships which  we believe can offer further opportunity and exchanges for our artist communities to enjoy and  benefit from into the future. 

  • Pocket Island Poetry, which challenged poets to paint a picture of their Island through words, has resulted in the production of a 110 page booklet, available in Guernsey as a physical copy or as a download.
  • The Islands Digital Arts Open allowed any digital or digitally recreated artwork to be submitted and will result in an exhibition in the George Crossan gallery in the Market Buildings through the period of the games, and available as a digital exhibition. 
  • The Island Games Postcard Competition looked to include our young people to build an insight into how they perceived their own homes and gain an additional perspective to each Island.  A selection of the wonderful postcards have been printed and are available in Guernsey, and all are available to view in the download below.

Thank you for exploring the Island Games Cultural Programme. Guernsey Arts would be delighted to meet with anyone from visiting Islands should you wish to discuss future opportunies in bringing our Islands closer together.


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