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The arts scene is thriving. Music of every type, visual arts groups, classes, exhibitions, theatre and performance arts. Here are some ideas which may inspire you to get involved. 


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Guernsey Arts and its funding committee distribute grants to support local arts in all its forms, from small community projects to major festival events. If you have an idea of something that you would like to discuss funding support for, get in touch. Call Russ Fossey on 01481 229747 or download the documentation. Guernsey Arts Grant Application Form and Guidance Notes 


Donate & Sponsor

Art, music, literature and performance are the lifeblood of our community. Guernsey Arts plays a key role in its development and promotion, but it depends on your generosity in order to do more. Backed by the Funding Committee of Guernsey Arts there are many ways for you to donate or sponsor.

Find out how you can make a difference.

Guernsey Arts Funding Committee


Volunteering to help for particular activities or to support events in the arts can be fun, rewarding and very valuable to the community. If you would like to join our volunteer community please get in touch. 


Busking brings vibrancy to the streets of St Peter Port and great opportunity for musicians and performance artists to develop their performance skills. Guernsey Arts organises and issues the permits for busking in St Peter Port.  Why not give it a go. Please contact us or download here Busking Guidelines, Busking Application FormBusking PA Permit.




The Islands have an array of different arts groups and clubs. A great way to meet like minded people and develop your skills and get involved.


Here you will find the many organisations that support the arts, along with the commercial schools and festival organisations.  

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