Freaky Geese is a theatre company formed by two performers from Guernsey, Rhys Ashcroft and Dan Le Friec. Having worked in the UK and internationally for the last couple of years, they decided to officially create Freaky Geese in the summer of 2020. 

“It’s been a long-term ambition of ours to produce challenging and engaging theatre. Our goal is to offer emerging talent their first opportunity to work in a professional capacity.” – Rhys and Dan

Their sell out debut production of ‘Growth’ by Luke Norris in August 2020 was received to great acclaim and raised important messages about testicular cancer and toxic masculinity. They then produced ‘Island Lives’ in January 2021 which was a festival of new local writing focusing on Guernsey based stories. 

Rhys and Dan have plans in place to set up a base in London and produce work in the capital. However, they also aim to transfer their future productions back to the island, allowing them to share their work with local audiences.

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