Chaos is an independent festival run by a dedicated team of people who know how to throw a party.

Located at Pleinmont Point, possibly the most breath-taking festival location there is, you’ll be treated to an amazing party in a safe and relaxed environment with the most beautiful sunsets, dirty riffs and smoking rubber. The festival runs over 3 days, has secured camping and bike parking and aims to provide you with a much-needed break from the constraints of the real world; somewhere you can be yourself.

People say music festivals can’t be environmentally friendly……well we say “challenge accepted”!

Over the Chaos weekend you will see volunteers on site collecting and sorting through the Chaos rubbish 24 hours a day to ensure we prove our critics wrong and look after this amazing part of Guernsey. If you enjoy coming to our ‘little party’ we would ask that you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and use all of the recycling, rubbish and food bins provided; we will be handing out recycling bags and the bins will be labelled.

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