Art & Cacao Workshop - Joy and Bliss

13th Feb
10am - 2pm

Artist Philip Surry opens the door to Dive deep into your true creative being, letting go of limiting beliefs, and bathe in place of bliss that will stay with you forever.

The art work you take away with you is purely yours, from the heart.

This 4hr workshop brings us together in a place of confidence, acceptance and love with no judgement.

Here is what happens -
Clearing and connection:
We clear the day, we breath in circle, we open our bodies and connect with our self, grounding and finding presence. We join in circle, in our pledge of confidentiality and trust. Sharing; using the Native American tradition of the talking stick. Each person is held, valued and heard. We accept each person and we listen to their story. We provide words of support, encouragement and warmth.

The path to finding your Joy:
You will have the opportunity to drink a shamanic dose of cacao - Highly experienced cacao guide Lucia Faith will share her knowledge and provide the magic.

For more information on Cacao have a look at Lucia’s website:

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. It's active ingredient - Theobromine, is translated as 'Food of the Gods', and the people of ancient Meso-America attributed a sacred status to Cacao and would drink it ceremonially to commune with their gods.
We Bring love into the space. We join arms interlocked and breathe as one circle - acknowledging our connection, seeing each human for who they are - everyone unique and gifted. We slowly and gently begin the journey together.

Settling and lying down in blankets, you will be guided to connect to the breath and a deeper awareness as Philip takes you on a guided meditation that gently brings you home. We travel through the tunnel and out into the most blazing, joyful and blissful experiences and moments of your life, and beyond. You may find this guided experience rapidly intensifies that sacred energy, deeply connecting and intertwining your spirit and physical body.
You will return with the feelings deeply connected in your body and the confidence, and support to then express your true creative self knowing that this is authentic and a reflection of your own personal joy.
When you take your pieced of creation home with you, every time you see what you made the feelings will naturally arise and fill the heart spaces. In all times, especially the tougher times in life, this piece of magic will always be true.
We work big, with A1 papers, lots of free flowing paint and pastel - we, feel the music, you can dance, you can sing, be free, express and know the space is a cocoon on a magical Sunday
We close the workshop with gratitude - you may share once more in circle your experience, or simply just listen - we acknowledge, we hear, we see each person. You are valued, loved and forever connected.

The workshop includes:
All art supplies, paints, pastels, inks, brushes, palletes, and pots
A shamanic dose of cacao
The opportunity to take all your creations with you
We gather in the beautiful space at Castel community centre; plenty of parking on site

Please remember to bring;
Water, a snack if you feel you need it, blankets, mat (something comfy to lie on), pillow and your self 

Investment: £88
Time: 10am - 2pm
Date: Sunday 9th January 2022
Location: Castel Community Centre

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