'Bad Eggs' Fundraiser Show, GADOC

18th Jun
4:30pm | 18th Jun

Bad Eggs, written by Guernsey local Dani Robin, is a play based on the true events that happened to her family during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands. The play recently won the award for play with the highest marks in this year's GADOC 72nd One Act Play Festival.

As such, the cast and crew have been invited to take part in the National Drama Festival to be held at the Albany Theatre in Coventry where the winners of the regional festivals compete. The cast and crew are therefore hosting two additional performances in order to raise funds towards financing this trip so that they can represent Guernsey on a national stage.

The event is guaranteed to be a great opportunity to see history come alive on stage as it provides a unique view into a family’s experience living shoulder to shoulder with the enemy during a key part in our Channel Islands history.

A synopsis of the play is as follows: "In the midst of the Second World War, a young family attempt to live under the German occupation of their home island. Living side by side with the enemy is not ideal, but Hugo and his family try to continue living as normally as they can, until one night he realises that the Germans are stealing their food! A plan to retaliate soon emerges. However, when the Gestapo show up at the family’s door one night, Hugo is faced with the question of what is more important to him: defiance or his family’s safety?"

The show starts at 4.30pm and another at 6.00pm on Saturday, 18th June 2022. Tickets are £5 on the door.

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