Bunker Party 2022, Alderney

1st Aug
11:30pm - 9am
Originally celebrating over 25 years of the Bunker Party in 2020, the crew now look to 2022 to party!!
::: 2020 Anniversary Announcement :::
We are very lucky and proud to be Celebrating over 25 years of the Bunker Party. The Bunker Party started way back in the early 90’s. And then went on to become legendary around the Channel Islands during the latter 90’s along with the rising of the UK rave scene.
The Bunker Party focuses but not limited to the underground music scene capturing the beautiful free party sprit that is the Island of Alderney. It’s this free party spirit and openness to visitos that makes this truly unique.
So many great times have been had here and there are so many more still to come. We plan to keep you updated on this event so keep a eye out for future updates and posts on our main Facebook page.
Bunker Crew 😉
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