Dancefloor Challenge Guernsey

10th Sep - 11th Sep

Organised by Jamie Le Tissier and Bonnie Lehr through their dance school, LeT’s Dance, the Dancefloor Challenge is Guernsey’s answer to Strictly Come Dancing! Over the past 14 years non-dancers have been paired with dancers and “challenged” to learn two dance routines over a three-month period and then perform them to their friends, family and the public. The Dancefloor Challenge raises thousands of pounds, which is split between the Guernsey Amateur Dancesport Association (GADA) and different charities each year.

Here is the lineup for the 2021 Dancefloor Challenge:

Sonia Guille (paramedic) dancing with Luke Webb
Tony De Sousa (Channel Insurance Brokers) dancing with Julie Haimes
Samuel Kusimo (police officer) dancing with Nikola Samanova
Suzy Heyworth (Feelunique) dancing with Dave Hyett
John Gollop (States Deputy) dancing with Charlotte Trigwell
Stephen Hansmann-Rouxel ( HSBC Management (Guernsey) dancing with Debbie Bideau
Charlie Long (Carey) dancing with Phil Hugo
Nathan Long dancing with Katie Sebire
Sara Harborow dancing with Christopher Jehan
Michael Carre (TMF Group and Guernsey Amalgamated Boxing Club) dancing with Evita Dapševiča
Fiona Hardy (Choices) dancing with Phil Breban
Mystery Man dancing with Jo Ellis
Jackie Foss (Specsavers) dancing with Wayne Harris
Michael Tagoe (Cimandis) dancing with Debi Harris
Dean Hollingsworth dancing with Lucy Slimm
Theo Hamilton (Seahorse) dancing with Charmaine Garrick

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