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20th May - 29th May
10am - 7pm | 21st May - 21st May
10am - 5pm | 29th May - 29th May
10am - 5pm

Patrick seeks to explore the profound joy and beauty in the visual experience through his art. He said: “Our minds seek to label and categorise the things that we see so that we can process them. In doing so we lose the immediacy of what is in front of us: contrasts in light and shade, energy, colours and their vibrancy, and the structure of the image as it moves past us in time and space, its lines of energy and movement, vibrations and changes.”

We are urged by Patrick to look again at ourselves and the world around us. In the distraction of soundbites and narrow labels, the rich variety and beauty of humanity is lost: “We satisfy ourselves with idealised and airbrushed images that lose the vibrancy of the particular. The discipline of painting beyond the common denominator of what is known, to the ambiguity of what might be, brings us back to ourselves.” Patrick attended the University of Cambridge and trained at Heatherley’s School of Art and West Dean College. He started out as a portrait painter, but in recent years has moved from painting most of his work in oils to creating them digitally. For his original artworks, Patrick combines digital images on canvas with acrylic paint. He also collaborates with Hines of Oxford to create one-off, hand-knotted tapestries. The tapestries are made from New Zealand wool and Chinese silk, the largest comprising about 2 million individual knots in the traditional Aubusson method. This will be an immersive experience with supporting information and digital content. Patrick and the Art for Guernsey team look forward to welcoming you.


Patrick Earle said:

“Every day, every moment, colour surrounds us. It is joyful and intense but without judgement. I focus on the sense of visual experience, rather than a particular image. The intensity of colour when you look at it, the structure of shapes in the natural world, the shifting nature of colour, reflection and movement. How everything changes. The joy of the experience, of being, of the energy of the universe.”

“Colour in painting is enthusiasm in life”

Vincent van Gogh

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