GAN Skillshare: Songs of the Heart

4th Apr
6pm - 8pm | 11th Apr
6pm - 8pm | 18th Apr
6pm - 8pm

Creating Sacred Mandalas as Songs of the Heart - for manifesting wellbeing, peace of mind, artistic confidence, self awareness and focus using Sacred Geometry, Intuition, Colour Therapy, Sacred Writing. Offering guidance throughout this joyful process, we will begin with a brief meditation to set our Intentions for the creation of your Sacred Mandala. Each Mandala is a personal journey of the Heart. Taking you on a journey that is fun, emotionally healing, an intuitive wake up call. Learning about our choice of colours, combinations, geometry, words, teaches us to take chances, trust in our knowing, be open, have fun, becoming a Sacred Prayer, that will Inspire you further and allow your Artistic Self to flourish and open to new ways of expression.

We will provide the following for you to create your own Sacred Mandala (Acrylic, Water Colour paints, Coloured Pencils, Pens, Brushes, used on 10" x 10" 300gsm Paper). If you have your own pencils or pens you would like to use, please bring them with you.

Also, to stay hydrated, please bring with you a bottle of water.

No experience is needed, only an open heart, your imagination and a willingness to experience your inherent Gifts of creation. Blessings, Ariana.

Please note that access is from the door in Fountain Street and that the inner street will be closed at this time.

One £15 ticket will allow access to to one session. You can also go back on the same event page to purchase your ticket for the other dates. If this is a barrier for you, please feel free to get in touch with us!

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