Guernsey Gigs: Unplugged Club at The Drunken Duck

7th Feb
7pm - 11pm
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Unplugged Club Lives! New Venue, New Vibes.
We're thrilled to announce the return of the Unplugged Club! After a hiatus and much positive feedback, we're reigniting the passion for raw, acoustic music. Now at a new home, the "Drunken Duck," our club is ready to resonate with fresh sounds and faces.
We're kicking off with a bang, Andrew Degnen will be joining us as a regular host, and also playing is our first new featured artists, the talented trio "Catioroc" - James Dumbelton, Will Le Bargy, and Andrew Degnen himself. Their synergy promises an unforgettable inaugural performance.
Embracing the essence of 'unplugged', we're going back to 100% raw - no microphones, no sound system. Just pure, authentic acoustic music. This time, we're honing our focus on original music, providing a platform for artists to showcase their unique creations, while cover songs take more of a back seat (but not completely excluded).
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Team Guernsey Gigs,
Unplugged Club at the Drunken Duck
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