Island Games Postcard Competition

5th Apr - 14th May

As part of the Island Games Cultural Programme, Guernsey Arts introduces the Island Games Postcard Competition.

Anyone 14 and under can take part, from any of the competing Islands. We will then be using our favourite entries to make postcards that can be sent all over the world from Guernsey by the Island Games teams.

It’s really easy to be involved!

  • Take an A4 piece of paper or card
  • Create a picture of your favourite place in your Island! This could be:
    • A place in your Island that makes you happy
    • A monument that is really special
    • An important person from your Island
    • A view you love to see
    • An animal unique to your Island
  • You could use colouring pencils, paint, even recycled materials to make a collage.
  • Take a really good photo or scan of your picture
  • Follow the link on to let us know who you are and submit your picture by 14th May

Once you’ve done that we’ll send you a massive thank you for taking part!


Entries need to be submitted and contact details supplied by a parent, guardian or teacher aged 18 or over.

To submit your entry please follow this link to our Google form.

If you have any questions or problems using the form email

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