St Peter Port Christmas Lights Tour

3rd Dec
5:50pm | 3rd Dec
6:50pm | 3rd Dec
7:50pm | 5th Dec
5:50pm | 6th Dec
5:50pm | 6th Dec
6:50pm | 6th Dec
7:50pm | 10th Dec
5:50pm | 10th Dec
6:30pm | 10th Dec
7:10pm | 12th Dec
6:30pm | 12th Dec
7:10pm | 12th Dec
7:50pm | 13th Dec
7:10pm | 13th Dec
7:50pm | 17th Dec
5:50pm | 17th Dec
6:30pm | 17th Dec
7:10pm | 17th Dec
7:50pm | 19th Dec
5:50pm | 19th Dec
6:30pm | 19th Dec
7:10pm | 19th Dec
7:50pm | 20th Dec
5:50pm | 20th Dec
7:10pm | 20th Dec
7:50pm | 23rd Dec
5:50pm | 23rd Dec
6:30pm | 27th Dec
5:50pm | 27th Dec
6:30pm | 27th Dec
7:10pm | 20th Dec
7:50pm | 28th Dec
5:50pm | 28th Dec
6:30pm | 28th Dec
7:10pm | 30th Dec
5:50pm | 30th Dec
6:30pm | 30th Dec
7:10pm | 30th Dec

Join Mainline Events Ltd for the annual trip around St Peter Port to enjoy the Christmas lights!

A trip for all the family, get in the festive spirit and jump aboard Victor the Petit Train for a tour of the wonderful Christmas lights display in St Peter Port.

PLEASE NOTE: A Family Ticket is 2 Adults & 2 Children under 12

Young riders age 2 or under do not need a ticket - they ride for free!

Please ensure you book the date you require, given the sheer volume of ticket sales for this event (70 trips in total) we are unable to swap and change you to an alternative date.

REFUND POLICY - No refunds will be offered for this event. The train will run in all weathers (except extremely high winds). The only time a refund will be issued is in the event of the train having a technical issue and not running.

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