Steve Glass - Organic Human

12th Nov - 17th Nov
10am - 4pm

Exhibition Celebrating the winner of Guernsey Arts Open 2020

Steve Glass

Organic Human

Is a celebration into the heart of self-enquiry and reflection on the interconnectedness of natural organic creation and life. 

I returned to Guernsey 14 years ago after a 14 year walkabout. Organic Human spans 12 recent years and documents my journey, a reclamation of my Earthly roots and continued exploration of interstellar origins.

Within this creative process I remember that we are not separate from but an integral part of the whole.

Centred in heart, mind, connection to the earth and cosmic body. Each piece initiates as emotion and motion towards. I let go and trust.

With one fluid movement, the expression of the brush creates a definitive foundation. As I work into the piece patterns emerge as rhythms and playful forms. The images reach through dimensions and transcend linear time and space.

Organic Human represents a connection with the physical body, the Earth and the interdimensional space within. For the viewer a specific language forms that is unique and resonates to the moment, a forever changing reflection.

Enjoy this journey.

With much love and thanks to Mum, Nicola and Willow.

Special thanks and gratitude to The Guernsey Arts for the sponsoring of the event. Russ & Monika Thank You!

Thanks go to Mike Barneby and team for their expertise and framing services.

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