18th Jul - 22nd Jul
9am - 3pm | 25th Jul - 29th Jul
9am - 3pm | 8th Aug - 12th Jul
9am - 3pm

The summer art club is a week long course running 9-3pm looking at different aspects of creativity working with a professional artist in a safe, relaxed, enclosed environment.

Because it runs over 5 days we can work on complicated projects and projects that need time to dry.  The children make new friends and work together and at the end of the week they present an exhibition of their work to their family and friends, something that they are always proud to do.

We will be looking at drawing, painting, printing, as well as sculpture and other messy activities including paper making, mosaic and book making. These week long workshops will be very messy so please wear old clothes and be prepared to get your hands dirty! Mon-Fri, 9-3pm  £300 for all week


“Trust me I’m the Doctor” – We will journeying back in time courtesy of the Time Lord, in his Tardis, which will come in useful for taking home all the precious things we find on our travels.  We will also be making a travel log of our journey to remind us of all the amazing things we discover, from Ancient Egypt, we will be finding out about sacred animals and papyrus scrolls, from Medieval England we will design our own palaces complete with people and animals and design illuminated letters and armoury and at the end of the week we will design and take home our own time capsule.


We will begin by working on large gestural drawings and making a travel journal as a guide to the week.  We then travel to China, looking at Mount Everest and tiny miniature bonsai trees.  From there, we travel to Norway to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) quickly followed by the rain forests of Africa to look at the amazing chameleon and madagasky rainbow frog amongst others.  A quick visit to Hawaii to watch “Mauna Loa” erupting and then a fast return home via the African Sahara.


We begin by looking at famous treasure hunters and how they worked.  We will make a ships log as a journal to record events and make some gold coins.  We then discover the Silk Road and decide to make some paper money, before discovering Tutankhamen’s story of mystery and intrigue.  The gold rush of America follows and we make some precious gems and miniature gold ornaments.  Lastly we discover stories of lost treasure yet to be discovered, such as the Knights Templar and the Amber Room

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