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17th Jul - 21st Jul
9am - 3pm | 31st Jul - 4th Aug
9am - 3pm

The summer art club is a week long course running 9-3pm looking at different aspects of creativity working with a professional artist in a safe, relaxed, enclosed environment. Because it runs over 5 days we can work on complicated projects and projects that need time to dry.  The children make new friends and work together and at the end of the week they present an exhibition of their work to their family and friends, something that they are always proud to do.

We will be looking at drawing, painting, printing, as well as sculpture and other messy activities including paper making, mosaic and book making.   These week long workshops will be very messy so please wear old clothes and be prepared to get your hands dirty! Mon-Fri, 9-3pm  £300 for all week

This year there are 2 x week long courses to choose from:


What fate awaits us? 

We will learn about famous explorers of the deep, including Jacques Cousteau and Robert Ballard (who discovered the Titanic wreck as well as great sea explorers including Sir Francis Chichester.  As part of our journey we will make a deep sea journal using different types of fantastical and exotic papers made with rubber cement drawing, paper marbelling with oil, wax paper resist and sand painting which are all very messy processes so we will have to wait patiently for fair weather days. On our voyage we will make a 3d papier mache fish to decorate and a carp fish kite to drag in the sea breezes behind us as well as a mixed media collage, jelly fish resist painting and monoprinting of various sightings of sea fish and inhabitants of the deep waters.



In our journey through time we will discover special and peculiar medicinal cures using food, how to make colourful dyes from food,  and the sometimes surprising chemical effects of using basic household ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, oil and seasalt.  We will print off gelatine plates.  We will look at the ceramist Kate Malone’s work and make our own 3d papier mache bowls designed as  a large fruit/vegetable.  We will also invent our own sweet as a 3d model, give it a catchy name and plan our world domination as a sweet manufacturer.  Added to this we will use collage, pastel and pop art to describe the wondrous world of food artistically and we might even (if we have time) construct a journal to record our astonishing discoveries – not for the faint hearted.

See the Guernsey Art Workshops website for more details. Email Frances to book.

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