The 'One Brushstroke' Project

13th June
Did you add your brushstroke to the “One Brushstroke” Community Digital Art Project?
To celebrate their 100th anniversary Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club have been asking islanders to add ‘one brushstroke’ to a digital canvas to create an artwork made for, and by, the people of Guernsey.  The project has taken a year to complete and thousands of islanders have taken part resulting in 13 fabulous paintings which will all be printed and displayed in Creasey’s High Street Department Store between 4th - 15th June.  See if you can find your brushstroke.
Dates: Daily (Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday) 4th June - 15th June (inclusive)  9am-5.30pm
Venue:  Creasey’s Department Store, High Street, St Peter Port

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