The Path of Peace - Guernsey Literary Festival

14th May
12pm - 1pm

Without a permanent home, a wife or job, and with no clear sense of where his life was going, Anthony Seldon set out on a 1,000-kilometre pilgrimage from the French-Swiss border to the English Channel. The route was inspired by a young WWI British soldier, Alexander Douglas Gillespie, who dreamed of creating a 'Via Sacra' to honour the fallen. Tragically, Gillespie was killed in action, his vision forgotten until a chance discovery galvanised Anthony into seeing the Via Sacra permanently established. Touching on grief, loss and the legacy of war, The Path of Peace is a triumphant rediscovery of what matters most in life. Chaired by Gerry Foley.

Adult £14
Child £7

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  • St James Concert and Assembly Hall College Street St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2NZ

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