Tiffany Anna Live Paint in the Outlet Store

28th Aug
10am - 3pm

Come along from 10am on Saturday 28th August for my first live paint, off-site, and in the window of the Outlet Store at the Market Place!

This idea came about because so many of you have messaged me to say my painting videos are soothing and therapeutic to watch! Perhaps it’s the swooshing of the jellyfish tentacles, the sweeping neon brush strokes, or even the slow peel of masking tape revealing perfectly straight lines.

Whatever it is, I’d like to indulge your eyes and show you a real time painting (or two) from start to finish! I may have to take the major paint splattering back to the studio for obvious reasons.

Thanks again to The Outlet Store for agreeing to host this fun experiment in their fantastic store window! Pop by for some big brand retail therapy with an extra arty twist!

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