Traditional Japanese Embroidery In Silk: An Exhibition by Betty Watson

24th Sep - 25th Oct
10am - 5pm
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Save the date! From the 24th of September until Friday 25th October, artist Betty Watson will be taking over the Art at The Park Gallery with her beautiful Japanese embroidery.

"Japanese embroidery is a continuation of a thousand-year-old tradition that first began in China then spread to Japan and more recently to other countries around the world.

In 1965 the late Master Iwao Saito recognized the need to preserve the tradition of Japanese embroidery and founded Kurenai-Kai community in Togano City.  Its aim was to pass on both the techniques and the spirit of this traditional embroidery.

Japanese embroidery involves the mastery of 46 techniques and all students are introduced to these through a series of 10 phases.

I have attended courses held by accredited traditional Japanese embroidery tutors in England and France working through the 10 phases which I achieved within 5 years culminating in a graduation certificate in the UK.

This has been my passion for over 20 years."

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