Vale Earth Fair 2024

25th Aug
12pm - 12am

The Channel Islands' longest running music festival.

Join us at Vale Castle at the end of August for a huge day of bands, DJs, spoken word and other musical treats!
We are delighted to announce that The Four Owls will be headlining the VEF this year! This hip hop group are known around the world for their modern day classics with banging rhythms and brilliant lyrics 🎶
Before our headliners, you will be greeted by the funky reggae beats of Shniece and Run Come Down .
After The Four Owls, the Future Dub Orchestra will take to the stage with their diverse electronica, dub, drum & bass and reggae sounds.
From our sister isle Jersey, expect to see Dribbler, Astral Wall and Handsome Peter
Closer to home, Yas, Tantale, Its Own Animal and SpaceSoul will be tearing up their respective stages!
More to be announced, so get your tickets now:
Massive THANK YOU to Grace for our incredible poster this year - find her on Instagram @gracejartwork

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