The Bailiwick Wildlife Photography exhibition returns! Showcasing an absolutely fantastic selection of photographs of local wildlife!

Guernsey Arts are proud to present the 2023 Bailiwick Wildlife Photography Exhibition. Following the success of last years exhibition we once again asked local wildlife photographers of all ages and skill levels to submit their photographs depicting the incredibly varied wildlife that we have within the Bailiwick.

This year we have been blown away with the quality and quantity of photographs that were submitted, receiving 60 submissions and over 200 individual photographs spanning across our categories of Birds, Insects, Mammals, Marine, In Your Garden and 16 & Under.

Within the exhibition we are also featuring the work of award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Sue Daly, who continues to capture the extraordinary wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of her home island of Sark.

We would also like to thank Sue for contributing her experience and vast knowledge in assisting us in judging the submissions and deciding on the final pieces to be displayed within the exhibition.

Finally we would like to give a massive thank you to the photographers who have submitted their work, without them this exhibition would not be possible.

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