Guernsey Arts is proud to present the Guernsey Arts Open Exhibition 2021. 

The exhibition is a celebration of the vibrant local Art scene and brings together established, upcoming and emerging artists of all ages to showcase their talents. 

In the face of the global pandemic, many more people looked to the arts for comfort and to provide a form of expression and escapism; the importance of the arts and creativity was made very clear in this time as the 

community had chance to slow down and take time to discover or rediscover artistic hobbies and very importantly express themselves. The array of positivity and enrichment the arts provide is reflected in the pieces here today. 

This exhibition further establishes the Arts as having a key role to play in the enrichment of our lives, enhancing our education, supporting our health, wealth and happiness, and making a vital contribution to the vibrancy of the island. 

A massive thank you to all the artists who have contributed to this exhibition, only made possible by your wonderful talent and creativity. 

We would like to thank the judges Rosanne Guille and Steve Harrison for choosing the work on display. 

Our thanks also go to Bailiwick Estates. For their continued support.

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