In 1945 the Islands of Guernsey felt the relief of Liberation from the occupying forces. This momentous day has been celebrated annually by all who live (or have lived) in the Islands, and still has significant meaning to all. 

This year marks the 75th anniversary of that most important day. The intention has been to celebrate bigger and better than ever in order to honour those who lived through it, those who fought for us and those who died for us to receive a freedom that not everyone has available to them. 

Events this year has given the world just a small glimpse of how the lives of some of those living through the Occupation may have been, with all our lives having had to change. Despite this, we still remember. We remember what was faced by those 

living through the Occupation, and how incredible the feeling of freedom as a result of Liberation must have been. We also remember that whilst we, in the Islands, have been fortunate with the freedom that we retain, this is not the story across the world. 

We asked our community to respond in whatever medium they chose to a simple 

question – After 75 years of freedom, what does Liberation mean to me? The purpose of this brief was to keep it open and allow everyone to respond as they wished. The number of participants has been exceptional, and as a result we have been able to curate this exhibition which shows off the talents and feelings of the people living in Guernsey today. 

We hope that you value and enjoy the trail that our community has created.

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