Artist statement:

I’m interested in colour, line and shape in the context of the landscapes that surround

us whether it’s urban or the natural environment. To reveal what maybe hidden and

strip back, to discover the multi-layered world that surrounds us. This kind of leads

me to become fascinated with mixing shapes and constructions with the playful use

of colour, texture and line. I also have a keen interest in illustration, graphic design and

drawing, especially birds.


The Guernsey Arts Commission would like to thank the

Arts Foundation Guernsey for funding the project and the Team at

Guernsey Airport for their help and support in realizing the initiative.

And of course Artist Chris Simcox for creating such a wonderful

piece of Art.


Guernsey Arts: presents the piano project. Earlier this year the GAC

organised an opportunity for local artists to put forward their ideas to design the

Artwork for a Piano to be placed at the Guernsey Airport Terminal. With a final

public vote, Artist Chris Simcox was chosen to recreate his concept on the Piano and

has produced an extraordinary Art work, which depicts a walk-through Guernsey

landscape from dawn to dusk. The painting is of a bright nature colourful a full of life.

The images on the piano creates a movement from one place to another in a fluid and

musical way. The piano is not only beautiful as a work of visual public art it also serves as a musical

instrument filling the space with sound and energy. The piano will be placed at the

airport for the public to see and musicians to have an opportunity to play. All around

the world there are beautiful pianos placed in public spaces, bringing a lively

atmosphere in the area. The Guernsey Airport is about to become one of those places

where Art and people come together.

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