Public Art has the potential to energise the beauty of our island and St Peter Port.  It is a route to appreciating, valuing and promoting our artists and arts community.

The sense of a vibrant contemporary arts environment promotes tourism, the wellbeing of the community and greater trust and community with the rest of the world.

A vibrant presence of art, artists and artistic output in the public domain is essential to maximise the value and perception of our arts and heritage.

Most cities in the world have very active public arts programs.  They are supported by government, planners and local authorities because the value is well understood.  Iconic pieces of public art are often replicated in many place, for instance there are Before I die ....  walls in 60 different countries.  

This exhibition is a mix of public art that we have in Guernsey with iconic pieces of public art from all around the world.  The idea is to show the bond that public art creates in the international community and our part in it.  Let us know what your favourite pieces are.

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