We are delighted that Bailiwick estates have supported us in extending the exhibition at the George Crossan Gallery -Inner Market.

23rd March -12th May 9am until 4.30pm Monday to Saturday 

Project Statement: Rob Sweeney - Painting a Day 2020 (366) “The seeds of this present project were sown in 1999. At this point in time a lot of focus was on the millennium and like other people I felt like I wanted to create something to mark this point in time, but wanted it to be meaningful. After some consideration I decided the best way to do this for me personally was to attempt to capture the year where I was, in Guernsey, by producing a plein air painting every day at a different location on the island. Some days were easier than others, but the project as a whole taught me a lot about materials, my practice and self-discipline. The project seemed to really connect with people on and off the island. The collection of work was displayed at the Millennium Arts Centre, the Eisteddfod exhibition and St Pierre Park hotel. On New Year’s Eve 2009, we were on Lihou with a group of friends and it struck me that it had been 10 years since the millennium project. I thought carefully then decided to repeat the challenge, this time allowing myself the use of photographs for reference as and when needed each day. created a website and uploaded each days painting in order to reach a wider audience. Almost as soon as I had completed 2010’s challenge I had subconsciously decided that I would repeat the challenge in 2020. I intially thought I would use oils, but decided the logistics of watercolour would be easier to handle on a day to day basis. I also felt that there was much more to explore with this wonderful medium. Who could have foreseen on January 1st how this year would pan out? What the pandemic has shown me is how lucky we are to live on this special island. It has been really lovely to hear how my paintings of Guernsey have meant such a lot to people on and off island. This has been made possible through the use of facebook and Instagram. It is a privilege to live here and be amongst such a great community of people. Roll on 2030!! 

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