Aaron’s education includes a B.A (Hons) in Photography, M.A in Fine Art and a PGCE. He has taught on, workshops, masterclasses and delivered talks on photography and on his own photographic practice. 

Aaron has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work has been shown in several International Photographic Festivals. Aaron has completed a number of international Artist-in-Residencies which were exhibited in the form of installations and contemporary methods. His work has been published and featured by photographic organisations throughout the world. 


Aaron Yeandle predominantly works on long term historical and social projects. His photographic practise explores the mundane and the everyday. Aaron’s photographs observe and reflect on communities and places that are often glimpsed but scarcely pondered upon. Over the last few years, Aaron has been exhibiting and working on numerous projects. Furthermore, he has been photographing the unseen world of Guernsey’s communities. Delving into social and historical aspects of Guernsey’s social history and the heritage of the island. Aaron is interested in how realism, romanticism and the imagination can be juxtaposed to create a narrative which tells a compelling visual story.

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