Putting a degree in the education of arts based subjects to good use, Darren is determined to provide inclusive arts experiences for all in the local community. 

As musical director of both The Rainbow Chorus and La Rocque Choir, Darren is enthusiastic about community music making and has a real passion for developing people's voices in a nurturing ans welcoming environment. Likewise, he is keen to challenge experienced singers through groups such as Vocallt Unlocked.

Darren is also the artistic director and producer for Music Theatre Guernsey and us rapidly developing the range of entertainment available on our island. From producing plays ans musicals to opening immersive escape rooms, Darren is determined to find exciting new options for everyone regardless of their experience or skill.

"All you need is a sprinkle of passion and the willingness to meet new people and make new friends and you'll definitely find yourself at home with Music Theatre Guernsey" says Darren.

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