I am a visual artist based in Guernsey. I predominantly work with photography, whilst sculpture and painting are both key features of my creative process.

Equilibrium is an ongoing project, where I examine physicality, balance, suspension and space. I build structures and photograph them in confined spaces, exploring how light and material influence each other visually. I find that my work is often subconscious in nature, I pick up the materials and let my subconscious take over; the work evolves as I do. I chose the title of Equilibrium, as I feel it describes the project best - I am pulling elements together like a gravitational force. This can be seen in the weight of the objects in my photographs. Equilibrium in physics describes an unchanging constant; through reflection, duplication and repetition, the art folds into itself and revolves around itself as the subject. A collection of disparate elements are drawn to each other. It is an exploration of the relationship between the mind and the physical world. My subconscious interacts with different elements to create surreal, minimalist artworks.


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