Fiona Richmond is a local painter specializing in abstract work

"My recent work explores the boundaries and thresholds, both physical, as in the point between land and sea, the borders and transitions of time, space and memory. I'm interested in the incidental and the marginal, and on transitory experiences, reflecting on the idea of 'liminal spaces' - places of transition, in-betweenness or transformation. The term is derived from the Latin worn 'limen' meaning 'threshold' which is used to describe any in-between state, mid-point or middle ground, whether this relates to a place, time or state of being, in terms of a sense of 'outsiderhood', marginalisation, or through the flux in different stages of life.

I try to find an interplay between abstraction and figuration, the accidental and intentional, spontaneity and control. Often processes of weathering, time and erasure are used, where a ghost of an image or trace of a presence exist but have largely disappeared.

I love the physicality of painting, working intuitively using processes of layering, fragmenting, destroying and recomposing in order to reach a balance. This is usually at the point where the work still resists an instantaneous reading but invites he viewer to stand still for a while, slow down, contemplate and make connections."

- An excerpt from 'Boundaries, Memories, Traces' an exhibition by Fiona Richmond at the George Crossan Gallery 01/11/22 - 07/11/22


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