Jane Mosse was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne. She began her writing career compiling guide books for Nicholsons Guide to the Waterways and writing Bartholomews walking guides.

Her love of poetry led her to attend writing courses at The Arvon Foundation when she was only 17 and, in 2018, she published her first collection of poems in 'Guernsey Legends' along with artist Frances Lemmon, a joint project which celebrates the folklore of the beautiful island where she now lives. Following early retirement she and her husband began house-sitting and their many adventures have been fictionalised in her two novels, 'Barking Mad, Confessions of a Dog-Sitter' and 'Stark Raving Bonkers' which follow retirees Chris and Rob around Europe as they house-sit a range of furry friends. A frequent visitor to Italy, especially Venice, she was asked to contribute a chapter to an anthology entitled 'First Spritz is Free'.


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