I’m Meg, I’m an illustrator and designer based in Guernsey. I’m a digital artist and work primarily in Photoshop and Procreate. I’d describe myself as a maximalist in terms of visual style. 

I studied illustration at arts university Bournemouth and during my time there I was big into character study and creating dark, satirical worlds based on my experiences of moving from Guernsey to the UK.

I have two personalities when it comes to my work, and I think that’s largely down to the mood I’m in that day. One of these is very dark, fractured and almost disturbed, largely explored through photo manipulation and graphic-based work, whilst the other has been described as a bubblegum-like style where I throw every shade of pink, clouds, sparkles and hearts at a piece. I can never categorise myself into one set style and I think that’s largely down to my restlessness the fear of limiting myself. 

I’m not afraid to use colour and I’m interested in creating detailed pieces that require the viewer to look deeper, I want the viewer to almost lose themselves in the nuances of the work. Heavy detail has been a striking feature of my work for as long as I can remember and I strive to continue to explore and develop my style through each piece or project I work on.

I’ve exhibited in Bournemouth, Guernsey and London and I’m only just getting started at emerging in the arts scene in Guernsey. 


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