I completed an inspiring Open University arts course in 2018. I identified that I would love to become a writer, to use my creativity, and to move and inspire people. 

I also recognised a choice; to be goal focused, or expend my energy on triviality.

I wrote my first poetry in over 25 years and set up my poetry blog. I love writing, and sometimes feel like a palaeontologist brushing away dust as the shape of a fossil emerges!

I was a contributor for the book ‘In Living Memory’ published in 2020, and exhibited poems at the Greenhouse Gallery in the Guernsey Museum at Candie and in Candie Gardens. I also read some of my poems on Guernsey Radio and at the Guernsey Literary Festival.

2020 to 2021 was a challenging year for me for several reasons, and I would like to pay tribute to Jane Smithies, a wonderful, kind and positive person, and my mother. Sadly, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma in December 2020 and died in April 2021.

Her advice to me was to make the most of every day. 

I shall, both for myself and others, and my writing will be a central part of that.

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