Illustration, art and design have inspired me since I was a child. 

That inspiration led me to Kingston School of Art school where I studied for and received my Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. This not only honed my technical skills but also my artistic skills. Since I graduated, I have worked in creative industries, including successfully completing an apprenticeship at MAMA Youth Project in London. Producing a TV series for Sky One, which lead me to working on a children’s news show for Sky News. Further enhancing my skills and experience. Covid led me back to Guernsey where I have since been involved in several design projects, and local film productions with award winning local filmmakers.

I am currently working on an illustrated children’s book based on Guernsey Folklore. I want to bring these wonderful tales, which might otherwise be lost, to a whole new generation. I am collaborating closely with Guernsey Arts, Blue Ormer Publishing and several local companies. This October will see the release of a solo art exhibition, book launch and an exciting folklore trail to bring these stories to life in the community.

For this book I have drawn mostly in a stippling style of drawing, meaning that almost all the illustrations are made entirely of tiny dots.

Please find more information about Once Upon an Island below.!/Once-Upon-an-Island/p/483288004/category=25584242

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