Yasmin has made art ever since she could make a mark on the wall with finger paints. Never formally trained as an artist she has been making a living with her art since she left school at 15.  First by winning the apprentice of with year with her outrageous hairstyle models.

Then moving to live in a commune in Spain for 5 years she honed her performance skills by working with a street theatre group, along with the performance she was also in charge of hair and make-up. 

Returning to Guernsey (“we all come home to breed” Quote from her Mother.) Yasmin had her 4 children, who are now excellent artists in their own right. She became better known locally as a professional photographer for the last 28 years before discovering “playing with mud” 3 years ago while in a class at Iris and Dora.

After claiming the garden shed for her own art space she has made the “Table des Pions” the Guernsey/Jersey chess set and now teaches at Iris and Dora.

Some of the locally inspired pieces are accompanied by poetry written by Yasmin, if there is not a folklore to match, she will make one up!

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