Equilibrium: An Exhibition by Estelle Moseley

21st May

"Equilibrium: a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced."

Equilibrium creates and examines sculptural forms as disparate elements which make up a whole. It examines gravity, forces and balance. The exhibition has a central sculpture which pulls everything into its centre; it revolves around itself. The sculpture also influences how the audience can experience the exhibition, as they have to orbit around this central piece, just as the printed photographs do. The prints also reflect on each other, as each wall mirrors its opposite.

The project began as an exploration of space and material, as I examined scale. I experimented with materials in a small space, sending the three dimensional into the two dimensional. The central piece serves to highlight the physicality of the photographs.

The design of the exhibition lends well to the gallery space, its unusual octagonal shape naturally influences people to circle around it.

Equilibrium is about a balancing act, and a mirroring of itself. The mirrors within the exhibition serve as a means of reflection for the viewers; the exhibition continues to balance and re-balance, to mirror and re-mirror itself, thus the audience becomes a part of the work. The central spherical piece reminds one of a planet, and in this way, the exhibition is a microcosm of our solar system.

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