It is well established that public art supports regeneration and adds vibrancy and fun to the surrounding area. It gives a community sense of place and pride, whilst stimulating economic activity. Bailiwick Estates and Guernsey Arts are working together to develop the Arch Art project within the Market Street Arches, creating a vibrant “Public Art Gallery”.


Current Arches


Arch 1: Giraffe by Adam Gillson

The given brief details something for today and the future, to me, today is a child. A
life size giraffe in a friendly cartoon style that all children will see on their visits to town can be a memory they will hold onto as they grow up. They might remember the St Peter Port Giraffe, their parents certainly will as they point it out to them.

Completed: April 2023

Arch 2: The Sky is the Limit by Bjorn Martin

This is a forward thinking piece that inspires hope and draws upon nature & the environment. The robin is a universal symbol for growth, while an orange moon is symbolic for transformation and change, both of these elements point towards an exciting future ahead.

Completed: Jan 2023

Arch 3: In Our Hands by Alisha Flouquet

My piece is based around two main themes that are close to my heart which are environmental awareness and body positivity. I feel like this piece of work represents a different way of exploring environmental issues through my personal style and the emphasis on nature and the natural human form.

Completed: April 2023

Arch 4: Genesis by Vivien Ferneyhough

As powerful scientific telescopes penetrate further into deep space and time, we are still left seeking answers to the eternal questions 'Is there a beginning? Why are we here? Are we alone? Are there any limits to the universe?' So, paradoxically, our past becomes our present and our future.

Completed: April 2023


Previous Arches

Guernsey Together by Soroptimist International Guernsey - August 2022

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