Alisha is a local mixed media artist, focusing on the female form and nature using bright and bold colours.

Alisha is a 23 year old local artist, she has previously studied art at University and is now in her Final year of her nursing degree.

Whilst working in a variety of mediums such as digital, mixed media and drawing she now mainly paints large vibrant pieces. Her work focuses on representing the female form in many different ways using bright and bold colours, she also incorporates flowers and nature into her work following an upbringing alongside her Grandmother who found inspiration in nature.

'I like to focus my art on women as I believe it is important to illustrate the diversity and complexity of the female form.'

Alisha also finds inspiration through her own experiences as a neurodiverse woman, finding ways to express herself within her work using her unique and vibrant colours within her work.

Alisha was also selected as one of the artists to be part of the Arch Art project, her piece expresses the importance of being responsible for the environment.


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