OPEN CALL : The Big Lockdown Build

OPEN CALL : The Big Lockdown Build

Lots of you have been getting in touch with your creative side during this second lockdown and, over the last few weeks, the States of Guernsey have been encouraging you to share photos
of these homemade crafts and projects on social media.

Guernsey Arts and the States of Guernsey are proud to now be working together in order to create a snapshot of the community’s creativity, and what it meant to those creating during
this time of lockdown. This will be in the form of a digital exhibition themed around
“The Big Lockdown Build”.

We hope this will become an important insight into island life and what islanders felt at a point that will be documented in our own history.

In order to include your creation in the online exhibition, there are just a few things to do!

Take a photograph of what you’ve made
  •  If you can, use a scanner Avoid shadows from windows and people
  •  Try to avoid using a zoom if using a touch screen device
  •  Keep the photo straight, with edges parallel to the frame
Think of a paragraph that describes what you’ve done and why
  • Was this a new craft activity?
  • Was it a request by a friend or loved one?
  • How has it helped during your lockdown?
  • How has creatively made you feel during lockdown?
Complete and print out the form, or use the Google Form
Then either submit the online form, or email the form and photograph to with the title BIG LOCKDOWN BUILD. Deadline for entries is Friday 30th April. Please either complete the following form and include with your submission, or use the online link to submit a digital copy.

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