Bozena Pollock studied Art & Sculpture in Krakow, Poland followed by a BSc (Hons) Degree in Restoration and Conservation in London specialising in gilding and french polishing. 

In Guernsey she is involved with the charity Arts For Impact where she runs art classes for the community, teaching art and using art therapy techniques.


Having begun to teach art I realised the need to learn more about art as a form of therapy. Students I’m seeing are talented but often need more confidence and reassurance. I studied art therapy which complements my interest in painting and teaching. Art therapy is an alternative to cognitive therapy.


Living in Guernsey and being an artist, painter and ceramic designer is a privilege. The island provides an abundance of inspiration for my abstract landscapes and ceramics.


“Bozena’s paintings are genuine expressions of flowing, informal, atmospheric tones which carry an almost autonomous abstraction of marks. The paintings celebrate the looming vastness of the surrounding oceanic environment with its large skies and dramatic ever-changing seas” - Peter Davis 

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