What is now the 7 Nocturnes East project and album did not crystallise as a complete and fully formed idea. There was no single bolt of inspiration. It evolved over time, spiralled slightly out of control and has now taken on a life of its own.

Some background to how the ideas around the music and exhibition developed: I love walking around Guernsey late at night listening to music. Mostly there is no one around, you appear to have the island to yourself. I also love the sound of the environment blending with whatever I’m listening to.

The project started when I realised I’d never made any music inspired by Guernsey. Using just one synthesiser and imagining Bordeaux in the morning, I composed Bordeaux 7am. Buoyed by the online reaction to this ambient piece, I moved on to working on St Peter Port 1am. My first experience writing for traditional instruments it includes violins, violas, cellos, Rhodes piano and bass, along with found sound. It was then, and still is, easily my most ambitious work. I made a recording at St Peter Port harbour and enjoyed how the captured audio interacted serendipitously with the music. These two pieces then pointed towards a bigger project.

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