It’s all about the act of ‘play’ and embracing the speculatory.

This is an attempt to connect objects, made structures within a site-specific space. Working intuitively as a liberating chance to explore materials and their potential, without the sometimes-suffocating weight of conceptual reasoning. Creating assemblages and structures which may use a mixture of wood, metal and the ephemeral. Culminating in unobtrusive interventions, working with what is given and suggesting alternative realities or improvements in space.

I’m a British Artist from Stoke-on-Trent, living and working in Guernsey. I’ve taken part in varying public realm projects such as ‘Architecture Week’ and studied Urban Design at Birmingham City University. I have a passion for the act of making and creating sculptural forms and objects based on the environment they’re intended for. Exhibiting in varying places from disused factories to public spaces.

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