Observation of life; the little details missed by most people.

This theme often manifests in my artwork as light hitting different surfaces or exploring how lighting effects mood and atmosphere. Not only the physical imagery but also the connotations of light – the passing of time and digging deeper into other subjects through the catching of moments.

 I am a Polish artist living in Guernsey in the British Channel Islands. I have been exhibiting work in galleries in public exhibitions every year since my graduation when I won the Source Magazine Graduate Photobook Award enabling me to publish my work as a book for public sale. My exhibition credits also include local solo exhibitions and being a part of an exhibition in London’s Brick Lane. 

 In addition to exhibiting my own work, I have been curator for numerous exhibitions for other artists in multiple spaces of various structural designs - from the long, narrow George Crossan Gallery, to the octagonal Greenhouse Gallery and the small quirky Gatehouse Gallery in what used to be the gatehouse to a local college. This work enables me to delve into the creative processes and inspiration of other artists to expand my own mind set.

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