The Arts Foundation Guernsey...raising funds for the ARTS in GUERNSEY

The Arts Foundation Guernsey (AFG) is the fund raising arm of Guernsey Arts.  Its mandate is to underpin and fortify the grant giving activities of Guernsey Arts across the whole spectrum of artistic endeavour in the island, thereby putting the arts on a solid financial footing so that they may continue to play a major role in the life and wellbeing of islanders.

Set up in 2016, the AFG is a foundation with charitable status independent of the GAC. The Patron of the AFG is Lady Corder


Since its inception, Arts Foundation Guernsey (AFG) has sponsored the arts in all disciplines, raising over £100,000 from donations and local fund raising events. AFG aims to support existing talent and foster emerging talent across the spectrum of the arts including Performing and Visual Arts, Literature, New Media, Film and Design.  It supports grant applications which it receives direct from the GAC. 


It is our mission to continue to fund these and other worthwhile events. To do this, we need the support of individuals, corporations and the community at large. 


  • Make a one-off donation by Visiting the GAC page or contact us for our direct giving form.
  • Join our mailing list [email protected] to hear about AFG activities and events. 
  • Remember us in your Will or designate us for a remembrance. 


The AFG is keen to partner with local companies to support the Arts in Guernsey.

There are many opportunities for the corporate sector to play an important role in the development of the arts in our community. Here are just a few ways you and your company can support the arts in the Bailiwick. 

  • Partner with us to fund special events that compliment your corporate ethos and aims 
  • Provide support through in-kind products or services.
  • Encourage employees to volunteer their skills and their time.
  • Email [email protected] us to a start a conversation about ways of collaborating with the arts and to explore current opportunities.


As an Arts charity Guernsey Arts relies on the help of volunteers to support us in our work. If you would like to give some of your free time, make a difference, meet new people or develop your skills then why not become a volunteer?

There are many opportunities to volunteer to support the arts in Guernsey.  To volunteer at a local arts event, contact Guernsey Arts [email protected] , or to volunteer to support our fund raising efforts, contact Arts Foundation Guernsey [email protected], and we will keep you up to date with events and volunteer opportunities. 



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